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The 44th Annual Graduate School Program will be held on May 22-27, 2016



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For over 40 years, Barret has been trusted by some of the best associations in the business.


Willful Blindness: A Leadership and Cultural Downfall

Willful blindness is a legal term that means there is information you could and should know but have elected not to know. Deliberate indifference and contrived ignorance also are used to describe the phenomenon. Unfortunately, there is a great deal ... (Read more)

Take Cover: Careers Are Under Attack

Here are just a few of the headlines we have seen over the last several years: – Globalization has created more competition for jobs reducing wages for many – Technology has eliminated thousands of positions reducing the need for higher ... (Read more)

Employee Engagement: Time to Turn it Upside Down

Pizza parties, birthday celebrations, employee of the month, flex time, telecommuting and many more programs are pushed in today’s workplace.  And where has it all gotten us…nowhere.  More than $720 million is spent on engagement and we still have low ... (Read more)

Tony La Russa to speak at Barret

Legendary World Series winning coach, Tony La Russa, will be the guest speaker for Barret's Annual Lecture Series on May 21, 2015. This is an invitation-only event for those attending the 6th Annual Bank Director/Senior Management Conference, or for those attending the 43rd ... (Read more)

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Barret Lecture Series

David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst, was the 2014 Barret Lecture Series speaker.

Washingtonspeakers.com describes him as: “A trusted advisor to four presidents and to both political parties, David Gergen offers a bipartisan analysis of the Obama Administration, a divided Congress and what today’s headlines mean for the future of America.” 

Find out more about Mr. Gergen, along with Barret’s former national speakers.

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Barret’s curriculum is selected and designed to deliver to the student, in a demanding academic environment, a high level of understanding of all major functions performed in the financial institutions of today. Included are the analytical, operational, planning, and regulatory areas. The curriculum is reviewed and up-dated each session.

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Expertise: Over 40 years of banking experience to benefit you in your career. Large endowment allows tuition subsidies and faculty excellence.

Education: Outstanding and innovative curriculum. Superb faculty including nationally known speakers in the industry

Lecture Series: Featuring nationally distinguished speaker – Fred Smith (2010)

Tuition: Among lowest in the industry. Approximately 1/3 of the cost of other banking schools around the country.

Convenience: One-week resident session means employees spend less time away from the job. Centrally located for easy transportation access.