Monthly Archives: July 2014

Challenges for 21st Century Employers

Few would deny that the human resources department has its hands full. With change bombarding the workplace at an ever-increasing pace, HR professionals feel the heat. Now, a new study examining 21st century workplace trends concludes that HR is at risk of getting burned. The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report sounds a dire warning.… Read more

Buy, Sell, or Neither? The Director’s Role in a Consolidating Environment

If your organization is positioning itself for any of these strategies, directors have heightened fiduciary duties. It is important for directors not only to be aware that there is a consolidating environment happening around them, but to understand the unique roles directors play in any of the strategic options. Consider some of the following suggestions… Read more

Onboarding: Are you enacting the lemon law strategy?

I recently worked with a company on its talent management strategy, and I heard a number of things from focus groups, including: • Employees accepted the position because it was a job, not for a higher purpose. • Employees were never told why they were hired and what would make them successful. • Orientation was… Read more

Shop Till Rates Drop: Fed to continue its buying spree

Banking professionals have dealt with a non-stop series of precedents for an extended period of time, which now has stretched into fully five years.  Most of these events have not been particularly welcome by community banks.  As we get into 2013, we have been fully warned that there will be another externality that will, at… Read more