Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Old Switcheroo: Instead of buying bonds, why not sell loans?

If your duties include the management of your community bank’s investment portfolio, you have my undying respect. It’s hard enough to stay current on new products, regulatory expectations and viable strategies while, oh yeah, keeping an eye on the rest of the balance sheet. In the last seven years, you’ve also contended with generational-low interest… Read more

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out!

everal years ago I watched an organization almost implode. New management took over with (they believed) great ideas on how to increase revenue by streamlining and outsourcing several processes. Part of this streamlining meant letting some people go, and the new leadership gave very little thought about how to do that. They gave their employees… Read more

Acquisition vs. Retention: Choice or Process?

Intellectually, we all know that building a solid customer base requires both the steady acquisition of new customers and the successful retention of most of the customers who are already on board. In practice, however, the staff at most institutions inherently experience more excitement over booking a new customer, compared to maintaining a relationship. And… Read more