Monthly Archives: February 2017

Muni Madness: A lot of variables affect tax-free performance

“Now that interest rates have finally risen…” is a phrase I wrote in jest, a mere six months ago, in this very column. I can now use these words in sincerity. And your collection of investments is potentially the better for it. We have contended that while the discussion of portfolio performance in the board… Read more

Push and Pull: Two-sided SBA market doubles your chance for success

Rufus Thomas, the late R&B impresario whose hit list included “The Funky Chicken” and “Walking the Dog,” was not known to be a market maker of Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans. It’s ironic, then, that he was talking about the two-sided benefits of both lending and investing in these products when he released his… Read more

Questions and Answers

What do you look for in a credit analyst? What is top of mind when hiring staff into these positions? Most of the time, we start with number-crunching skills. We welcome a knowledge of accounting, and we think in terms of answering the basic questions of financial statement and cash flow analysis. And that’s appropriate.… Read more