Monthly Archives: February 2018

RMA-Barret Banking Scholarship. Apply today!

The RMA Scholarship Committee and the RMA Board of Directors are pleased to announce the RMA Scholarship designed to subsidize a portion of the education expense for attendance of the Barret School of Banking. Deadline: Friday, March 9, 2018     Read more

Why I am proud to be a banker

Teenagers are prone to be rebellious. It is part of growing up and discovering “who you are” and all of that stuff. It is a time when we begin to listen to music that we doubt our parents would approve of, we begin to develop our own ideas about the world and the issues at… Read more

You’re Invited: Breakfast with the Fed

  Our friends at the Federal Reserve of St. Louis/Memphis Branch are holding a breakfast event you don’t want to miss. This quarterly gathering of Memphis business and financial industry professionals offers insights on topics pertinent to our regional economy. Featuring: Mark McCracken, Assistant Vice President from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. McCracken… Read more

Join Us Feb. 27 for the Memphis RMA Women in Banking Event

  You are invited to the Memphis RMA Women in Banking event: Networking through Community Service Tuesday, February 27, 2018  5:00-7:00 PM Tickets are $30 The event will be held in the Windergardner Auditorium at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens. Attendees will enjoy the Dixon’s galleries, which will be open during the social hour.… Read more

Personal Branding and the Lender…A New Way of Thinking For the Community Banker

  If you were to spend any time hanging out with me, first, I’d feel bad for you! Be prepared to hear about guitars, music, college football, and pipes. Second, I would hope you would find me to be someone who likes to find “the new way of thinking about or doing something”. This is… Read more