The Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking Alumni Association is a not-for-profit organization consisting of graduates of the Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee. The organization has two purposes. The first purpose is to establish a medium by which Barret School of Banking classmates can stay in touch with each other, forming an alumni network to share knowledge and information about the changing world of banking. The second purpose is to promote Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking as the premier banking school in the Mid-South and therefore help recruit new students.


The Paul W. Barret, Jr. School of Banking began as the Mid South School of Banking more than 30 years ago. Since that time, alumni have tried to stay in touch with classmates, both for personal and professional reasons. In the mid-1990s, MSSB Executive Director M.E. Bond began exploring the possibility of an alumni chapter. After surveying current and former students, Bond determined that there was sufficient interest to set up a not-for-profit organization which was named the Mid South School of Banking Alumni Association. With the help of some dedicated alumni, Bond took the first organizational steps in 1996. These steps included setting up the association’s charter, recruiting members, electing officers, establishing by-laws, and applying for tax exempt status. The by-laws were approved in February 1997 and tax exempt status was granted in September 1997. The first Alumni Annual Event was held in 1998 with the reception for third year students added in 2000. Following the lead of the School, the Alumni Association officially changed its name to the Paul W. Barret, Jr. School of Banking Alumni Association in 2001.


Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking Alumni Association has an annual calendar of activities designed to support the organization’s two stated purposes. A newsletter is produced and sent out to all current members on a biannual basis. The newsletter contains information on upcoming alumni events, updates on member news, and timely information on current banking trends. General membership meetings are scheduled once a year. The Board of Directors meets on average 4-6 times per year. Continuing education programs for alumni are offered annually during Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking on-campus week. A recruiting event is held for the graduating class of Barret School of Banking, usually during the on-campus week.


The Paul W. Barret Jr. School of Banking Alumni Association is made up of graduates and friends of Barret School of Banking. A Board of Directors of no less than five and no more than twenty members governs the association. Candidates are appointed to the Board for three-year terms. Board officers include a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Committees include recruitment, communication and annual event. Anyone interested in serving on board or contributing to the newsletter or web site should contact current president Bethany Smith at blsmithmark@peoplepc.com.


ALUMNI ASSOCIATION proudly endorses:

• Arkansas Community Bankers Association – ACB represents 182 community banks and thrifts in Arkansas. – info@acbonline.org

• Community Bankers Association of Indiana – The CBAI is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the needs of Indiana’s community banks. – dehaven@cbai.org

• Missouri Independent Bankers Association – The MIBA is dedicated to the preservation of banking law and structure which will assure the continued survival and prosperity of Missouri’s independent banks. – jpederson@miba.net

CBU Graduate School Credit

As a result of a partnership between Barret School of Banking (BSB) and Christian Brothers University (CBU), alumni of BSB are eligible for six hours of graduate credit upon admission to the MBA program at CBU. Information about the MBA program is available at www.cbu.edu/business.

The university offers baccalaureate programs in Arts, Business, Engineering, and Sciences, as well as specialized graduate programs in Business, Engineering, and Education.

CBU’s excellence has been recognized by many influential college and university publications and reference guides.

U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges”

U.S. News and World Report’s Top Tier of Southern Universities Granting Masters Degrees

The Princeton Review’s “Best Bet”

Thompson-Peterson’s “Competitive Colleges” More information about Christian Brothers University is available at www.cbu.edu.