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2019…And. Away. We. Goooooo!!

At the risk of putting yet another “here’s what’s going to happen in 2019” blog post in front of you, I wanted to take some time and think about an interesting article I read on the Independent Banker’s website. You can find the article here if you’d like to read along. According to their survey,… Read more

“Back in my day…”

Last night at dinner, my wife (who works for a large philanthropic organization) was telling the family about an interesting presentation she had heard at work about the decline of the retail space and the demand of the millennial consumer wanting “an experience”. She mentioned that when the macroeconomic slide came up, she rolled her… Read more

“Peeking Under the Hood:” Loan Products and Underwriting. Part 4 of 4

Today, we are wrapping up our series analyzing the FDIC’s Small Business Lending Survey from the community bank perspective. I must say that I have enjoyed this but it has taken me (and hopefully you as well) into directions that were not planned. I can’t say that I walked into this analysis with any expectations,… Read more

“Peeking Under The Hood”: What Are You Doing and What Is Your Competition Doing? Part 3 of 4

Today is Day 3 on “Peeking Under The Hood”. This is our look at the FDIC’s Small Business Lending Survey that examines how small businesses are serviced by the banking community. Today, we are delving deeper into understanding what banks are doing, why they’re doing it, and what the competition is doing in the same… Read more

“Peeking Under The Hood”: Markets and Competition. Part 2 of 4

Today is part 2 in a 4 part series called “Peeking Under The Hood”. It is a commentary on the FDIC’s Small Business Lending Survey released several days ago and provides some very interesting insights into small business lending across the banking industry. To catch up, you can read Part 1 here and I would… Read more

“Peeking Under The Hood: A look at small business lending. Part 1 of 4

Today, I’m starting a new blog series entitled “Peeking Under The Hood” where we will look at the FDIC’s Small Business Lending Survey released a few days ago. You can find a link to it here. Now, I know spending four days in an FDIC report is right up there with watching paint dry, the… Read more

The Conversation Has Shifted

After coming back from the ICBA’s LEAD FWD conference (a very good conference that you should consider attending next year just to hear the discussions among community bankers), I did like most other conference attendees. I unpacked my bag, checked my emails, and started sorting out my notes that I’d taken at the conference to… Read more

Know Thyself

Who am I? How do I see myself? At the risk of turning a community banking blog into an existential conversation about the meaning of life…let me advise you to spend some time asking yourself that in light of your position as a community banker. Here’s why. In preparing a webinar series on fundamental banking… Read more

Is “Customer Service” Even a Thing Anymore?

I think I have reached a milestone in my life. I’m starting to turn into the “GET OFF MY LAWN!” guy…and I’m completely ok with that! “Grumpy Old Men” and “Grumpier Old Men” are becoming less and less favorite comedies of mine and more like self-help films. I wish I was being exaggerative here, but… Read more

Community Banking Month…#banklocal

April is Community Banking Month if you didn’t already realize this. I fully realize that, more than likely, the town is not redecorating the square/Main Street/main hub in your honor and I seriously doubt the schoolchildren are coloring the pictures from “Great Moments in Banking” for you to hang on the fridge. (“Daddy, who is… Read more