CECL’s Impact on Community Banks from Moody’s Analytics.

There is an elephant in the room for community banks and that is the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) that is within several years of implementation. Potentially, it could have an impact to banks’ retained earnings but also has an impact on loan pricing and generally how banks view their credit exposure. It’s a shift …

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Today, we are wrapping up our series analyzing the FDIC’s Small Business Lending Survey from the community bank perspective. I must say that I have enjoyed this but it has taken me (and hopefully you as well) into directions that were not planned. I can’t say that I walked into this analysis with any expectations, …

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Bankruption With John Waupsh

John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa, has written an outstanding book entitled “Bankruption” about how FinTech’s impact on community banks and what our response should be. There is no sugar-coating in his words, but the insights are very rewarding. This is a must-read for community bankers…regardless of title. Check it out on Amazon here: …

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