Our Mission

The Paul W. Barret, Jr. School of Banking is a non-profit independent school created by and governed by a Board of Regents, whose members are executives from banks and other firms involved with the financial services industry.The mission of the School is to provide an adult learning experience for the career-oriented individual in commercial banking or a related financial services industry business.

Our Commitment

The commitment at Barret is to assist the student in attaining an excellent educational experience of benefit to both the student and the sponsoring employer.

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The Barret Graduate School of Banking is an amazing school. It provides a quality education for bankers
from all over the country. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking career advancement.
It was a great experience.”
–Jeremiah Jones
First Citizens National Bank, Atoka, TN
2011 Graduating Class Representative
  • Over 2,000 graduates
    from 24 states
  • Diverse student group
  • Wide range of ages and positions
  • All bank sizes represented
  • Students from allied professions included
  • Alumni Association for continued educational and networking opportunities

“I am very pleased with the
accommodations and staff
of the school and university.
Everyone has been receptive and
attentive to our needs.”

“It has helped me to understand
areas of the bank that I wouldn’t
have been exposed to otherwise.”

“I just wanted to let you know what
a great experience I have had at
the Barret School. It was a fantastic
educational opportunity as well as
an opportunity for personal and
professional growth.”

—2011 Participants

These graduates, students and their sponsors are from Hawaii, one of the 17 states represented at the 2011 session.