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Outside The Vault Introduction

Trying something a little different! We’re starting a new series called “Outside the Vault” .  “Outside the Vault” is going to be a series of episodes that are directed towards community bankers but coming from a non-banking perspective…or just look at things a little differently than usual.  There are so many things that we can learn from professionals outside of banking that we can take back to our institutions to make them better…however you want to define “better”.  Of course, we are not abandoning our usual programming of community banking issues and discussions with industry leaders.  Rather, we are looking to enhance the mission statement of this podcast that you hear at the beginning of each episode…that we hope that we can make your bank, your staff, and maybe even your day a better one.

Part of this is going to be an episode with listener responses. We want you to answer the question “How has a community bank impacted you or your family positively?” Send in your audio or written responses to me at and we’ll be sure to include them on an upcoming episode.

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