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Outside the Vault: When You Feel It! Discussion with Darin Hollingsworth from Odonata Coaching

Kicking off our “Outside The Vault” series, Darin Hollingsworth of the Working Gratitude podcast and Odonata Consulting sits down with me to discuss gratitude and how it interacts with financial services.  Darin was kind enough to have me on his podcast to discuss gratitude and it has been really amazing to get to know Darin and his mission to discuss gratitude in the workplace.  It’s a message we all need to hear…banker and non-banker alike.

So, in the spirit of the “Outside The Vault” series of bringing relevant content from a non-banking perspective, we discussed not only what gratitude is, how it fits into the workplace, but how much inter-connectivity community banking and gratitude have.  It’s a deeper topic than I’d originally realized.

Check out Odonata’s website here.

Check out Darin’s podcast with me here.

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