Human Resource Management Program


Aug 14-15


This two-day workshop is designed to provide intensive training for employees in human resources management.

Sessions will include lectures and experiential exercises emphasizing individual and small group work. Enrollment will be limited to ensure greater interaction with the instructor and peers. Fourteen hours of instruction are scheduled.

PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification hours are available through HRCI

Topics include:

  • Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
  • Situational and Behavioral Interviewing
  • Driving Employee Engagement
  • Creating an Accountability Culture

With ample resource material for employment law, performance review essentials and disciplinary systems.

Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Placement:
In this section, participants will learn the importance of a proper recruiting process, how to select the best candidate for an open position, and finally placing the new hire into the best possible position based on their skill set.  Specifically, participants will be exposed to the following in this section:

  • Recruitment standards that can create an effective selection process
  • The importance of training, especially if the institution’s pool of applicants are “marginally qualified”
  • Types of selections devices/tests
  • Understanding human behavior and personality traits that will lead to proper placement

Situational and Behavioral Interviewing:
In this section, participants will learn the most effective interview techniques in an effort to increase validity. Specifically, participants will be exposed to the following in this section:

  • Purposes of an effective employment interview
  • How basing an interview on a job analysis increases success rate
  • How to use structured interviews
  • Proper situation and/or behavioral questions
  • The use of individual interviewers rather than panels

Driving Employee Engagement:
In this section, participants will learn what employee engagement is, why it’s important to a bank’s performance, and how to increase it.  Specifically, participants will be exposed to the following topics in this section:

  • The difference between engagement and traditional HR concepts such as job satisfaction (morale) and organizational commitment
  • The impact of engagement on the bottom line
  • How individual engagement changes over time and the implications for HR management
  • Model of engagement that details the key drivers of employee engagement in organizations
  • Specific strategies to boost engagement that will promote retention, performance, teamwork, and customer service in one’s bank

Creating an Accountability Culture:
In this section, participants will learn how a lack of accountability in organization can lead to serious performance management issues which can ultimately have a negative impact on the bank’s bottom line performance.  Specifically, participants will be exposed to the following topics in this section:

  • The accountability problem in organizations and its effect on the bottom line
  • Personal and organizational barriers to accountability
  • Action strategies for improving individual accountability in an organization
  • Action strategies for achieving the highest level of accountability in an organization, mutual accountability

Audience:  Human resource managers, branch managers, department/division managers and anyone with management/hiring/coaching/counseling responsibilities

Location: Sessions will be held on the campus of Christian Brothers University, located at 650 East Parkway South, Memphis,TN 38104.

Cost: The registration fee is $595 and includes breakfast and lunch. Dinner is not included.

Housing: A block of rooms will be available at the all-suite Holiday Inn on Central Avenue, a short drive from CBU.The phone number to book a room is 901.678.8200.To insure the discounted rate, give the booking agent the event name Barret School of Banking.

Instructor: Dr. Kerry Sauley is the Marjorie B. Ourso Excellence in Teaching Professor at Rucks Department of Management, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.


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