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The 47th Annual Graduate School Program will be held on May 19-24, 2019



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For over 40 years, Barret has been trusted by some of the best associations in the business.


2019…And. Away. We. Goooooo!!

At the risk of putting yet another “here’s what’s going to happen in 2019” blog post in front of you, I wanted to take some time and think about an interesting article I read on the Independent Banker’s website. You ... (Read more)

How ’Bout Them Dogs? Put unrealized losses to good use

This just in: community bank investment portfolios have lost value in 2018. The rest of this column contains good news. At least, it does for those community bank portfolio managers who are interested in improving future earnings, creating a more ... (Read more)

“Back in my day…”

Last night at dinner, my wife (who works for a large philanthropic organization) was telling the family about an interesting presentation she had heard at work about the decline of the retail space and the demand of the millennial consumer ... (Read more)

Can’t keep a good bank down: Last decade has seen struggles, successes for the industry

September 7, 2008 is the mortgage finance industry’s date of infamy. It’s now been a full decade since the secondary market siblings, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have been in legal custody of the Federal Government. For many community banks, ... (Read more)

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Jason Dorsey is Barret’s 2017 Lecture Series speaker.

Barret Lecture Series 2017

Jason Dorsey is the most sought-after Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker, receiving over 1,000 speaking requests each year. Jason will be sharing his thoughts on the generational challenges for companies and leaders base on his unique research, results-based consulting, and acclaimed presentations. He delivers practical solutions grounded in research that drive measurable results for clients.  Jason has been featured as a Millennials and generations expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The Early Show and over 100 more TV interviews. Adweek calls Jason a “research guru” and The New York Times featured him in its cover story on marketing to Millennials.

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Barret’s curriculum is selected and designed to deliver to the student, in a demanding academic environment, a high level of understanding of all major functions performed in the financial institutions of today. Included are the analytical, operational, planning, and regulatory areas. The curriculum is reviewed and up-dated each session.

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Expertise: Over 40 years of banking experience to benefit you in your career. Large endowment allows tuition subsidies and faculty excellence.

Education: Outstanding and innovative curriculum. Superb faculty including nationally known speakers in the industry

Lecture Series: Featuring nationally distinguished speaker – Fred Smith (2010)

Tuition: Among lowest in the industry. Approximately 1/3 of the cost of other banking schools around the country.

Convenience: One-week resident session means employees spend less time away from the job. Centrally located for easy transportation access.